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Visa Authorization Service

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Visa Authorization number is the main step to get your visa however should not be considered as visa. It is provided by Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). You have to apply through a traveling agency to get your visa authorization number. Usually it takes around 10 days to get it. 

Important Notice: "Visa Authorization" is part of Visa process and should not be considered as Visa. For more details about the visa process, visit PersiaPort interactive Visa information page at :


Visa Authorization service fees:

United Kingdom, United States and Canadian passport holders: 35 Euros

Other Nationalities: (apart from above mentioned countries): 30 Euros


Visa Authorization Terms of Service

Please consider following points before starting the process.

Minimum Rquired time to process visa authorization request is 7 working days after payment and it could take longer up to 40 days in some cases. 

You can apply for visa authorization up to 15 days before your expected arrival date.

Visa Authoriztion service fees are not refundable.

There is no guaranty if the authorization number will be issued by the relevant authorities.

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