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PersiaPort Goodwill Ambassador Program

Have you ever thought about introducing Iran’s historical, natural and cultural beauties and related travel services to your community or friends and become a goodwill ambassador of the website which provides such information and services in the best possible ways?
If your answer is yes, then join us and become a PersiaPort Goodwill Ambassador!

In PersiaPort Goodwill Ambassador Program, we rely on our customers, clients and partners to spread the word about our excellent content or quality service we provide. This program is for you to recommend PersiaPort and its services to your friends, help bridge their knowledge gap about Iran and collect travel credit instead. This is a win-win-win program in that all three parties including you, your friend and PersiaPort benefits.

  • You will earn travel credit;

  • Your friend enjoys first-hand information, quality service and discount;

  • PersiaPort will get more customers.

Well-connected travellers, bloggers or tour guides can potentially use our PAP program. Companies and professional bloggers are also welcomed to use PersiaPort Affiliate Program. To learn about our affiliate program please contact us at

Who can join the program?

Any user with an active account on PersiaPort could participate in PersiaPort Goodwill Ambassador Program. You do not need to have ever made a booking or purchase on to participate.

How it works?

The PersiaPort Goodwill Ambassador Program gives you the chance to earn travel credits from each friend you refer to PersiaPort. It’s simple:

  • Create your PersiaPort account using our sign-up page. Then, send us an email ( and inform us about your interest to be part of our referral program;

  • We will send you a personalized link or code to your email address;

  • Share your link with your friends through social media such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter or via email or message, etc.

  • As soon as one of your eligible friends books and then successfully purchases a service, you will earn a travel credit. You will continue to receive travel credits for every service your referred friend purchases for as long as your referral link/code is valid.

  • You will earn 1 travel credit per 50 EUR purchase value. So, if your friend books a 500 EUR service, you will earn 10 travel credits.


  • A booking that is subsequently canceled or refunded, does not qualify for referral credits.

  • There is a limit on the amount of travel credits you can accumulate, which is 2000 credits.

  • Each referral code is valid for one year. You can still redeem travel credits up to one year after expiration of the code.

  • Your friend who is receiving the links should not be a member of PersiaPort community (already have a PersiaPort account).

How to redeem?

The accumulated credits will be redeemed in travel services such as hotel bookings, flight tickets, car rentals and vacation packages. You will choose from among current PersiaPort services or otherwise and the rest is ours to take care of. The travel credits are redeemable when they get to 100 thresholds.

How should I know how much credit I have?

To know how much credit you have accumulated sign-in into your PersiaPort account. There, you can see your performance and the travel credits.

Multiple Accounts

Any person is allowed to have only one PersiaPort account. Those with multiple accounts will be removed from the program and the allocated credits will be cancelled. PersiaPort reserve the right to terminate such accounts without notice.


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