Tara Mohammadpour

A multi language cultural tourist guide fluent in English, French and Spanish in Hamadan City.

Tara Mohammadpour
City of residence:
Teaching of French Language
Years of experience:


I work as a tour guide for 4 years. I have worked in  historical places like museums and national monuments. When I worked as a historical tour guide, I offer the visitors an interesting description of the location, including its history and what effect it has on modern society. I offer groups interesting or enlightening information about points of interest at natural attractions, historical sites, scenic location and other travel destinations. I help my tourists learn (ask question,answer question, encourage conversation) that might help my tourists learn better. I enhance my tour by paying attention to what guests enjoy the most and by encouraging my tourists feedback at the end of the tour.

I'm a tour guide, story teller, teacher and entertainer. I invigorate the audience and have the significant ability to influence my  tourists and the last thing about me, I always continue to learn and improve my tour. I'm expert in all the attractions in Hamedan and  Kermanshah provinces. I'm interested in historical, natural places, poetry, music and of course photography. 


Expert in History and Culture:
  • History
  • Rural Tours
  • Urban Tours
  • Architecture Tours
  • Religious Tours
  • Literary Tours
  • Shopping
  • Food
Expert in Nature and Adventure:
  • Iranian Gardens and Botanical gardens
Expert in MICE:
  • Business Meeting
  • Event and Festivals
  • Exhibition
  • Conference
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