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  • Why should I hire a private tour guide?

    You will have the chance to meet locals and have an insider experience. Tour guide’s knowledge of the destination can enrich your travel experience. For more information read our review of tour guiding in Iran.
  • Do your tour guides have certificates?

    All tour guides listed on PersiaPort are certified by Iran National Tourism Organization.
  • Are your tour guides local?

    Our tour guides are local to the destination you want to visit. This way we help local economy and lower your expenses.
  • How should I know which tour guide to choose?

    If you know your destination, just type your destination on the quick search bar on the slideshow and choose your preferred language. Then, click search. On the result pages you see local tour guides speaking your desired language. You can also use filtering and sorting features to narrow and/or refine the results. Other users’ comments and rating are also great indicators of tour guides service quality and level of professionalism.
  • Are driver guides different form tour guides?

    Driver guides use their own vehicle for transfers and transports. As a result, their guiding fee is higher than usual tour guides.
  • What does the guiding fee include?

    It only includes the orientation and interpretation for a whole day (8 hours). Entrance fees, meals, transportation, etc. are excluded. In case of driver guides, guiding fee includes the transportation as well.
  • Why guiding fee for some tour guides are so high?

    PersiaPort does not interfere with setting the guiding fee. This is at the sole discretion of the tour guide. They may charge based on their years of experience, type and level of expertise, quality of service, and the language they speak, etc.
  • How can I pay for guiding fee?

    After you send your request for a tour guide and it is confirmed by the tour guide, we will send you a payment link to settle our service fee. The rest should be paid to tour guide in cash and upon the commencement of the tour.
  • How does PersiaPort make money from its tour guiding service?

    We charge tour guide a small percentage of their guiding fee. So, we do not charge you for the service.
  • What if I want to cancel my tour with tour guide?

    Try not to cancel the bookings as the tour guide might lose other business opportunities. In case you have no other choice, email us at to cancel your booking.
  • Should I tip my tour guide?

    It is a well-established tradition to tip tour guides to show satisfaction with their work; however, tipping a tour guide in Iran is not mandatory.


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