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  • Why the number of hotels on your site is too many?

    PersiaPort has a booking engine to book accommodation across Iran. We plan to make all types of accommodation even in the most remote places to be accessible to all users across the world. That’s why we have so many hotels on our website.
  • You have loads of hotels on your page! How can I choose the best option?

    If you know where you want to stay, just type the property name in the quick search bar on the slideshow. If you enter a destination, there may be too many results. In that case, there are two features to narrow and/or refine the results. On the left, there is ‘filter by’ feature; using this feature, you can narrow the results by star rating, property type, price range, facilities, etc. You can also use the ‘sorting by’ feature to refine the results based on price, guest rating, etc.
  • Why should I book my room with PersiaPort instead of hotel?

    • Unfortunately, the majority of hotels in Iran, particularly budget hotels, hostels, homestays, ecolodges, don’t have any online presence. So, it is not practical to find and book them.
    • Even if you contact them, you can’t pay for your booking online. And booking without paying is not without its own risks. Hotel could cancel your booking anytime without any prior notice.
    • You can find many similar hotels on PersiaPort website to compare.
    • You get competitive prices if you book with us as we receive better offers from hotels and we spilt the benefits with you.
    • In high season when there is too much demand for hotels, it is almost impossible for you to find hotel rooms to book. But, we can almost always find you a room.
  • Why should I pay more than rack rate for some hotels?

    Sometimes, particularly when demand surpasses supply, hotels charge the maximum amount with no discount (rack rate). As we have operational costs and transaction fees, we need to compensate for our costs. In fact, we do have no benefit in such cases.
  • Why can’t I book some hotels online?

    Unfortunately, many hotels in Iran are still strangers to technology and they are not connected to local distribution platforms. Therefore, we have no choice other than taking your requests and processing it manually.
  • What should I do if a hotel is not online for my requested dates?

    Online hotels release their rooms only for one month ahead or in the best case scenario for two month ahead. So, if you wish to book a hotel for 4 month later, you will find that there is no room released. In such cases, you can either email us at or use our request form on our hotel pages.
  • Can I book my room and pay in Iran in cash?

    According to our policies, you have to pay at the time of booking. Please contact to find you a solution if you cannot use your credit cards or accounts.
  • I have booked my hotel online, but I haven’t received the voucher yet?

    Sometimes there is a time lag between your booking and receiving the voucher. In such case, please be patient! You will receive the voucher within few hours.
  • Should I pay any extra money when I check in the hotel?

    Our room prices include local taxes and you should not pay the hotel any other amount at the time of check-in unless you wish to use services which are not included in your voucher emailed to you by PersiaPort.
  • Should I have PersiaPort’s voucher while checking-in?

    You need to have your ID and PersiaPort voucher at time of check-in.


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