Tehran Tour by Metro

Nowadays Tehran owns one of the most advanced metro networks of the world. It is the least expensive one too .The longest possible way you ride will not cost more than half a dollar!
Few days back (Sep.2015) I met a middle aged British couple in Taleghani metro station just next to ex American embassy, and few hundred meters from "House of Artists"
They needed little help to find their way to Sadr station on the red line north bound and I was going the same direction, so we accompanied each other and enjoyed a short sincere talk in a very clean and brand new air-conditioned car. It was early afternoon and the car was much less crowded in comparison with rush hours. The British man, a bit astonished to see such a clean air conditioned car said:
" London metro is old, dirty and no air con. But yours is fresh clean with pleasant air circulating  ..."

This short story was to give an image of Tehran metro and prepare you to enjoy your Tehran Tour by Metro:

1- Tajrish Bazaar 
Let us start from Tajrish. The hustle bustle district in northern Tehran. A strange combination of large and tranquil gardens and villas erected on rocks and hills just few hundred meters from Tajrish Bazaar (everyday visiting period 8AM-8PM) as a major attraction. A labyrinth of old traditional bazaar and modern shopping malls .You may find all kinds of fresh and dried vegetable and fruits, rural dairy and a large variety of wild plums and other edibles, jeans jewelry, sport wear and street snacks, and many more, and just on the edge of a main bus terminal. This Bazaar is a very good place to see Tehrani's life style and daily activities. You probably will also see a beautiful young flower woman elegantly dressed and usually scrolling there.
When finished in Tajrish you will go down again and ride Metro southbound.

2- Fire and Water Park + Bridge of Nature+ Museum of War Martyrs
Tajrish/Gheytarieh/Shahid Sadr/Gholhak/Doctor Shariati/Mirdamad and then you should get off at Haghani station to arrive in a vast modern park and enjoy one of the most beautiful views of Tehran from the top of hills in Haghani Park and Fire and Water Park, connected together through Bridge of Nature.
Martyrs Museum is located just nearby, in a vast and fresh location. Then you may spend an hour with locals and enjoy a snack or local dishes in different restaurants over there and then walk back to Metro station

3- Royal Jewelry Treasury 

Haghani/Hemmat/Mosalla/Beheshti/Mofatteh/Haft-e Tir/Taaleghani (Taleqani)/Darvazeh Dowlat/Saadi. Disembark here and walk to the Treasury of National Jewels (Saturday to Tuesday 14:00-16:30).
After 7 minutes walking you will be in front of this priceless treasury hidden in the basement of the old building of the Central Bank, just opposite the Turkish and German embassies. Berlin Alley is neighboring southern walls of the German embassy and houses another old local market of clothes and accessories. Enjoy visiting the treasury peacefully although other attractions are very close to you and there is no need to rush!

4- Downtown Museums

When your treasury visit is finished, walk for a few minutes to reach your next stop which is Imam Khomeini square, the next stop after Saadi station and there is no need to take metro again. Just on the right hand side of the Square, there is a vast compound entirely stone paved and closed to traffic, a tranquil and silent place and home to all buildings of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and a few museums:
National Museum of Iran (everyday 9:30-17:30)
Malek Museum (Sat-Thu 9:00-16:30)
Iran Post Museum (Sat-Wed 8:00-16:00, Thu 8:00-13:00)
Sardar-e Bagh-e Melli (Old Gate of Tehran) (Sat-Thu 8:00-17:00)
All surrounded by century old tall trees , most of the MFA buildings are built by German architects of the time of Reza Shah Pahlavi which are sturdy and glorious.

5- Golestan Palace and Bazaar of Tehran 

After visiting MFA compound and the museums, you have to take another short walk or wait in the queue to ride the free electric train to the next destination. The Panzdah-e Khordad station, just close to Golestan Palace Complex and the Main Bazaar of Tehran. There is again a large street, completely stone paved and closed to vehicles but open to the electric train and horse carts. The train is free but you should pay for the carriage. When you complete your tour here it is time to ride metro again at Panzdah-e Khordad square and travel northbound.

6- Azadi Square
 Imam Khomeini/Saadi/Darvazeh Dowlat /Taleghani/ Mofatteh and then Beheshti. Disembark here and go to the other line heading to Azadegan. Get off again at Vali Asr crossing station (not Vali Asr square) and join the people who are heading to Azadi square west bound. After few stops you will be in Azadi square. Ascend to the ground level and will find yourself just at entrance of the West Bus Terminal. Few minutes later you will be in Azadi Tower and Museum just in the middle of the Square.


7- Imam Khomeini Shrine

Then if interested to pay a visit to Imam Khomeini Shrine , you should return to Azadi station and take the line which takes you back directly to Darvazeh Dowlat station. It is eight stations from Azadi Square. Then get off once more and switch on the red line (North to South) to head to Kahrizak station, the most southern point of the red line. The shrine station is one or two stops prior to Kahrizak. You may visit the shrine which is located in the corner of Tehran Public Graveyard and your tour is finished.

Please note that it could take more than 1 day to complete your Tehran tour by metro.

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