Essential Information

Iranian Currency, bank notes and coins

Iran’s official currency is still Rial or IRR but you must know that all Iranians will tell you the price NOT in Rial but in Tooman ONLY .You better pronounce it “Toman” as Tehrani slang word. (Toman = 10 Rials)
The bank notes are 10.000 Toman(100.000Rials) in green
 5000 in yellowish creamy. Be careful! even some Iranians  make mistake when in rush since 5000 &500Toman notes are sometimes(!) nearly the same color and look .
2000 in blue and 1000 in light green and dark blue.
There is NO bank notes over 10.000 Toman but there is another kind of cash named ’Chequepool” or Irancheque of 500.000 & 1000.000 Rials widely common everywhere.
 Current coins: Small coins in yellow color amounting 1000 Rials. Bigger ones in silver color equal to 2000 Rials and another one also in silver amounting 5000 Rials. Old coins of 500 and 250 Rials are still in people’s hands. There are still valid bank notes of 500 Rials in full gray color,1000 Rials in reddish brown and 2000 Rials but they are disappearing gradually!   


Value Added Tax in Iran

Value Added Tax (VAT) is relatively a new issue in Iran and its rate is actually among the lowest ones in the world.
Few years ago it started with 3 percent and currently it is 8% only. And unlike some other countries it is not refundable upon your departure! But who cares?  It is low same as many other expenses in Iran. So enjoy your trip. Do not think about VAT!   


Pricing of daily needs and consumable items

You will find laser printed price on every single item in Rial (not in Toman!) and nobody can charge you more. For some items still being sold in bulk the price per KG is handwritten or printed there. For some expensive items the price is sometimes mentioned per 500 grams or half Kg not to frighten the probable customers! Strawberries and other Berries are among these items!!


Free internet and WIFI in Iran
 It is available in most hotels , coffee shops & restaurants .So you can access free internet in most places of main cities but some hotels probably will charge 1$ for an hour.


Public transport in Iran (Tehran)
Tehran Metro is one of the most advanced ones in the world and believe it or not it is nearly FREE! Since you will pay 10 cents only for a 50 km trip if you have intelligent card and below 15 cents if you buy one way ticket!! Thanks to the subsidy paid by the authorities to Tehran municipality.
Smoke free, clean, fast and safe! Tehran Metro is No.1 when talking about the fare, ranked 12th for number of passengers per day and 22nd for total length of the network.
Currently the network is nearly 160 KMs and new stations are under construction inside the capital city and the urban management is trying its best to open new stations in the busy spots soonest possible. Many other stations are also under construction in suburbs on the ground so it is faster, easier and at lower costs. The network development plan target is 470 KMs. Tehran will enjoy cleaner air and much better life if it happens!
Tehran Metro is the cheapest, easiest and safest transport means in Tehran. Currently metro lines are under construction in some other major cities such as Isfahan .There are one or two wagons at the both ends of the train marked “women only” men are politely asked not to enter these wagons but women are allowed to enter men wagons if they wish or if they are far from the first or last wagons upon arrival of the train.
You may purchase a blank intelligent card at nearly 50 cent in every metro station and charge it for few dollars. he average amount for every single trip starts from the first station to the last one of each line OR transfer to other lines and underground connections will not exceed 5000 Rials (one seventh of a dollar) and also you can use this intelligent cards in all Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) buses and ordinary ones .You may also buy single trip or return metro tickets at higher price. In buses very small percentage of passengers still pay cash and keep others waiting but payment through intelligent card will become mandatory for everyone soon.
 Most of BRT bus stops are covered fabricated stations installed in the middle of the streets or on the right sides of every direction. These long articulated and air-conditioned buses are equipped with left sided doors. Passengers get on /off through the front door, middle door or the back door! Depending on how busy or crowded is the bus!
 All buses are divided in two parts and the better part which is usually the front part in articulated buses are allocated to women or ladies.
Street taxis are available everywhere mainly in green and yellow colors and the minimum charge for a short way is 10000 Rials. Many private cars will stop in front of you but we recommend you not to use such services.

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