About Iran's Waters

There are many lakes, wetlands and rivers in the country. The most important lakes are the Caspian Sea in the North, Oroumiyeh salt lake in Azrbaijan, lakes; Bakhtegan , Maharlou and Tashk in Fars province, lake Hamoon in Sistan and Balouchestan and Qom salt lake in south of Tehran. Many fresh water lakes are located in high mountains. For example Gahar lake in Oshturankuh at 2500 m and Neur lake in Ardabil at the same level. Most of the rivers begin from high mountains of Alborz and Zagros and others from north-east and north-west Mountains and continue for thousands of kilometers to reach to the lake or sea of their destination. Due to the salty soil of central and southern Iran, most of the rivers in these areas have salty water and are not useful for drinking or agriculture. There are tens of dams to reserve the water before reaching to salty areas.

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