Also known as: Zaferan

One of the most popular and luxury souvenir you may want to buy is Saffron! It is a kind of spice which is named as Red Gold! It is the endemic planet of Iran plateau, with a 6 purple petals, while the stigma of the flower is dried and used as spice. To harvest a kilogram of Saffron we need about 200,000 flowers which grows at least in 1000 square meters field. Iran is the first producer of Saffron in the world.

It has tempting color, pleasant taste, and wonderful smelling in the food. Also it is very useful in treat and cure in order to tranquil and reinforcement human body. You can find small packs of Saffron in grams in any city of Iran, but if you travel to Mashhad be sure you can find the best and fresh Saffron of the world!

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