Chelo Kebab

Also known as: Chelo Kabab

Chelo Kebab ia a meal of mutton fillet or grounded mutton grilled on skewers served with steamed rice (Chelo) and a big knob of butter on top. It is accompanied by grilled tomatoes, raw onions, Sumac, a sour culinary spice which is sprinkled on kebab as desired and fresh basil leaves. Doogh, a sour yogurt drink with dried mint leaves is a very common favorite beverage which is usually served with this dish. 


This extremely delicious dish can be very well labeled as the national dish of Iran as it is loved by all age groups. Chelo Kebab can be found in all traditional Iranian restaurants. This typical coal grilled kebab with the very unique Iranian rice is liked in the first bite by anyone globally.


Besides its traditional taste, it has a special overwhelming aroma which can be sensed from a distance which is more than pleasing. Kebab is also served with nan-e-sangak or freshly oven baked nan-e-lavash (special Iranian bread). Kebab can be found in various countries but this special Iranian dish is incomparable.


It comes in different varieties also like:

1- Sheeshlik – marinated lamb chops

2- Kebab Koobideh – minced meat and onions

3- Kebab barg – fillets of beef tenderloin

At Iranian restaurants the combination of one Kebab barg and one Kebab Koobideh is typically called 'Soltani' (royal).

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