Also known as: Abgoosht, Dizi

Abgusht (literally means water and meat) is a stew which is traditionally known as Dizi too. Like many onter dishes in Persian cuisine, It is a slow-cooked dish. Its main ingredients are lamb, chickpeas, white beans, onions, potatoes, tomatoes and dried lime.
Abgusht is an informal dish with a customized ritual of eating. One popular custom is to take a piece of traditional bread called 'Nan', tear it in small pieces and drop it in the broth and then later the solid parts are mashed together and eaten which is called as `Goosht Koobideh`. A combination of fresh aromatic leaves called `Sabzi Khordan` and pickles are enjoyed with Abgusht.
Basically it is considered as a common-man meal which can be found in ordinary restaurants and also in  the very sophisticated traditional restaurants.
It is a comfort Persian food which has to be cooked for hours to obtain the best results.  It is mostly enjoyed during the cold winter days.

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