Sizdeh Be-dar

Also known as: Sizdah Bedar

Sizdeh be-dar is an Iranian tradition celebrated on the 13th day of Farvardin (first month in Iranian Solar calendar) or Nowruz (Iranian New Year). Sizdeh means 13 and be-dar means to get rid of.

Picnic day
On this day Iranians go outdoors on a picnic with their family and friends. Everyone is joyous by packing a hearty meal and playing lots of games with their loved ones. In a way it is marking the end of Nowruz celebrations and starting the new year with a complete positive energy obtaining  from the nature.

Sabzeh (sprouts grown for the Haftsin)
Sabzeh, one of the seven parts of Haftsin (displayed on the eve of Nowruz) is thrown away from the house into a running water. By performing this ritual, Iranians believe to remove the negativities and bad omen from their lives.

Grass knotting
Another tradition on Sizdeh be-dar is for the unmarried girls to tie knots with the grass in the hope of finding a companion.

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