Persian Poem and Literature Day

Mohammad Hossein Behjat Tabrizi (1906-1988 A.D), better known by his pen-name "Shahriyar" , The eminent Iranian poet, creator of eternal poems both in Farsi and Azari, is resting in the Mausoleum of Poets in Tabriz, his hometown. His death date, September 18th is named and celebrated in Iran as "Persian Literature and Poem Day".

Persian literature is a very rich source of conceptual culture and Gnosticism. It is deeply rooted in thousand years of civilization in the forms of inscriptions, Farsi Dari calligraphy, as well as post Islam calligraphy, figures and motives, which are the heritage of old generations to the present one.

Many of poetical works of great Iranian poets and literary men such as Hafez, Molana, Ferdowsi, Omar Khayyam and Baba Tahir have been translated into French, English, German and many more languages so far.

Iranian culture and literature is taught in many reputable universities and research centers worldwide and the number of people interested in learning Iranian literature is growing notably.

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