Sarakhs Special Economic Zone

Considering the distinguished geographical location of Sarakhs Special Economic Zone in center of ECO member countries and on the route of Silk Road as the connecting point between Central Asia and open seas and Persian Gulf southern countries, it has been sought in this zone to present unique facilities by modern technology to investors. The first stage of the fundamental installation of Sarakhs Special economic Zone has been completed and the land is being ceded to the applicants for industrials, commercial and service utilities.

Zone area: 5200 hectares
Telecommunication project
 First phase capacity 1000 numbers
The length of optional fiber which is being completed 25 km
The length of copper cable which is being completed 5 km
Advantages: enjoying 30 entrance channels and 30 exits channels which by connection to the optical fiber; each width band is usable if defined in the system
Light network


Utilizable carrying electric net light 7 km

The length of carrying electric net which is in the pole planting stage 5 km


 Custom and management building

The area of the superstructure 4200 m2




Between 33th and 35th Of Khayam Boulevard, Mashhad, Iran


+98(0)51-37615065-6, 34540111

Web Address


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