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1) Infrastructures
- Jetties
- Airport
- Roads
- Telecommunications
- Electricity


2) Energy
Iran's proven gas reserves is one fifth of the world's total gas reserves and the Qeshm Island lies at the center of gas rich fields of the country. There are two vast gas fields near the Qeshm Island. One is `Gurzin' field which yields two million cubic meters of sweet gas annually for the power plant of Bandar Abbas and the other is the untapped field of `Salakh' whose reserves are believed to be more than the former field. The proximity of the Qeshm Island to huge oil fields makes it possible to establish oil refineries one of whose products cab be coal oil which is widely used in metallurgy. Such refineries can consume sulphur free crude oil that can be obtained from the oil fields adjacent to the Island. Therefore, the Qeshm Island has access to natural resources required for establishment of industries for production of export-oriented commodities such as oil and petrochemical products, construction materials and fisheries.


3) Trade and Transit
Qeshm Island by placing in the way of passing ships has special status in terms of bunkering project. Totally, we can list some of its benefits as follows:
(1) Low distance from international passing way of ships so ships deviation from route for fueling is so short around 3 Km,
(2) Having sufficient region for fueling operations with 30-50 meters depth which is the most safe and reliable depth for anchorage,
(3) Closing to BANDAR-ABBAS refinery as main supplier of its crude oil and high quality of this refinery products and SHAHID RAJAEI port availability,
(4) Using of Labor Law benefits because of Qeshm free zone laws.
(5) Existence of sufficient land for storage construction and ability to south island jetty exploiting for loading terminal construction of fueling fleets.
(6) Existence of native and cheap workman for all trading and servicing operations.
(7) Exploiting from Island infra-structure facilities like International Airport in order to offering services related to fleets crew exchanging; KAVEH port for equipments transferring, road network, Power distribution, and telecommunication associated with data services.

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