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Payam Special Economic Zone (PSEZ) is to become the economic hub of the newly-established Alborz province. Payam Special Economic Zone is closest SEZ to the capital city Tehran, with 3600 hec. Area within 10000 hec. of Payam International Airport territory established in Karaj for development of air cargo and postal transportation, storage of goods, cold store, packing services, goods productivity, perishable and time sensitive goods export.
Payam is the only SEZ in the region with the privilege of its own airport and airline. Adjacent to industrial, economical and agricultural center of Tehran, with easy access to railroad, underground and other related highways. In order to attract FDI Payam has created equal opportunity and possibility of investment for Iranian and foreign subjects on every scale of partnership, in addition guarantee foreign investment according to attraction and protection law of foreign investments and freedom of invest transfer and obtained income of it, with no administrative encumbrance laws. Furthermore, there is free entrance, without customs duties for goods, machinery and row material until it has been stationed in the zone, with possibility to export goods from zone without customs formalities.
Payam Airport is an international cargo airport located in Karaj- Alborz province- 40km from Tehran, Iran. The airport was established in 1990 but wasn't opened officially until 1997. Payam Aviation Services Co. operate the Payam Airport as well Payam Airline, Payam Special Economic Zone and Postal hub in Payam.


Mideast Postal Affairs
The zone will handle all postal affairs of Middle East in near future, he pointed out. As per regulations, close to 10 countries will become member states of the regional postal group. All hardware and software facilities will be launched in Payam Airport with cooperation of Post Office.20-year-old airport extends over an area of 10,000 hectares and boasts the largest runway and airport facilities even for cargo planes.

Modern Facilities
Payam Airport has all facilities including transit, visa section, fire department, and fuel supply.


Privatization Process
Totally, 200 hectares of lands of the zone will be transferred to private investors, Close to 40 hectare have been ceded in the first stage.
Over 60 domestic and foreign investors have made investment in Payam Special Economic Zone. About 56 and 70 hectares of the zone's lands will be transferred in the second and third phases. Businesspersons from Turkey, China and Kuwait have made investment in the zone, adding Japanese investors have shown eagerness to invest.
Also, close to 100 hectares of land has been allocated to Shahid Beheshti Medical Sciences University and Amir Kabir University to launch higher education branches in Payam Special Economic Zone. Marketplace and a township at the entrance of the zone are the other development projects.



Payam Airport, Mahdasht - Mehr Shahr Road, Karaj, Iran


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