Kish Trade-Industrial Free Zone

Tehran Office:
Address: 1st floor, No.143, Next to 29th Street, Khaled Eslambooli Street, Tehran, Iran
Post code: 15166-13313
P.O.Box : 19395-4588
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1) Infrastructures

Telephones are used 100% in Kish, and at the rate of 19% as compared to rest of the country, this is a high percentage. There are also over 5000 mobile numbers issued. KFZO has been active in this field by transferring mobiles to the private sector and preparing this zone to become an internet city.


Economic and commercial development
Considering the free zone potentials in cooperating with other countries in the region and investment opportunities, KFZO has had the following economic development plans:


Establishing a regional goods and services exchange center
The presence of large international oil and gas companies to support South Pars and Asalouyeh activities, and the transfer of the offices of the Oil Ministry from abroad have created the background for establishing an oil exchange market in Kish. Furthermore, the decorative and gem stones stock exchange and software and hardware are also being processed by the organization.


Industrial development
Over 100 production companies are currently active in Kish, and 120 units are being constructed. By the end of 2002, industrial investment was estimated at 1552 billion and 534 million Rials. This sector had a 500% growth in the past year.

Establishing and expanding banking and monetary institutes
The activities of the country's first private insurance companies in KFZ, foreign exchange facilities and transfers by all the banks in Kish, receiving proposals from foreign and Iranian banks, and receiving the final approval for Iran-Europe Bank branches to work in KFZ are some of the successes of the organisation in developing the monetary units and banks.


Developing tourism
As a tourist center in the country, Kish has over one million Iranian and over 100 thousand foreign visitors annually. Developing tourism and observing world standards in giving high quality services have made Kish a replacement itinerary for Iranians traveling abroad, thus saving over 500 million dollars in foreign currency. Also, the long term programmes of the regional officials have opened horizons for an increasing number of foreign tourists, including the Persian Gulf states and Europe.


Providing tourism facilities
Encouraging the private sector to develop hotels, motels, villas, and recreation centers have led to the exploitation of 58 residential units and nearly 80 guest centers in Kish. Also, interest in large investments in this sector have led to the construction of one of the largest hotels in the region and the dolphinarium by an Iranian resident abroad, and also designs for the construction of several hotels, golf courses, and leisure centers by French and German investors known as the Flower of the East Project.


Expanding tourist attractions – Kariz and Harireh
Expanding sports fields for internal and international competitions, attracting investment for the expansion of marine sports, and the construction of unique complexes such and the Kish Kariz, along with the attractive ancient city of Harireh, and the Kish sunset can increase motives for traveling to this beautiful island.

New patterns for tourism focused on increasing convenience for families
To have peace of mind and better tourist facilities for hoteliers and their employees, tours, public transport drivers, the police, and all those involved in the tourist industry, special training courses are run by experienced trainers at international standard levels and certificates are awarded. Therefore, all these centres will be able to be economically active in Kish by holding this certificate.


2) Investment Attraction and Opportunities

1. 20 years of tax exemption for any kind of economic activity.
2. No entry visa requirement.
3. 100% foreign ownership
4. Legal guarantees and protection for foreign investment.
5. No limitations on transfer of foreign currency to other Iranian Free Zones or to other countries.
6. Flexible monetary and banking services.
7- Wide range of banking & insurance services provided by state/ private sectors.
8. Easy foreign exchange transactions.
9. Active international stock exchange and oil & petrochemical bourse.
10. Exemption from customs duty on imported raw materials and machineries for the manufacturing units.
11. Convenient and easy registration of companies, industrial establishments, cultural institutes and intellectual property rights.
12. Simple procedure for re- export and transit of goods.
13. Simple regulation for the importation of permissible goods.
14. Possibility of exporting goods produced in Kish Island into the mainland based on the value added scheme.
15. Sale/rent of land to Iranians and long term rent of land to foreign nationals.
16. Simple labor regulations and access to ample skilled workforce.
17. Reasonable rates for energy.
18. Presence of a community of leading universities and scientific centers.
19. Strategic location and proximity to Assaluyeh oil-rich regions.
20. Port with berthing capacity for 10000 dwt vessels.
21. Preferential land rates for the construction of Hi- tech industrial units.
22. Preferential land rates for the construction of hotels and recreational facilities. International brand hotels will enjoy additional privileges.


3) Trade and Transit
Kish Island is located on the most important international sea trade routes in the Persian Gulf and at the centre of the largest market in the region. Therefore, investing in Kish for the transfer of goods and services to other parts of the Persian Gulf is well justified. Moreover, suitable hardware and software facilities and the expansion of trade and financial facilities in the region have created good opportunities for the development of commercial activities in the region. Modern shopping and services centres, the harbour, the strategic position of Kish (easy access to production and consumer markets), providing legal and potential facilities to create and expand monetary and financial institutions, and the good and services exchange markets have all in all created a remarkable capacity for trade in the region. Also, one of the policies for the development of the region is the expansion of trading and commercial services. According to adopted guidelines, numerous exhibitions are staged in Kish annually.
Trading stages
1. Obtaining a commercial activity permit
2. Obtaining a commercial card



Sanaei Street, Kish Island, Iran


+98(0)7644-422141-2, 423641-2



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