Chabahar Trade-Industrial Free Zone

Tehran Office
Address: 2nd Floor, No.143, Next to 29th Street, Khaled Eslambooli Street, Tehran, Iran
Post code: 9921758711
Phone: +98(0)21-88879373-4
Fax: +98(0)21-88771061


Investment Attraction and Opportunities
Privileges and Legal Facilities for Investors
Possibility of investment for foreign and domestic inventors to any extent
Guarantee of Foreign investment at the zone according to the inserted mechanism in the law of Free Zone
Repatriation of capital and profit gained from the economic activities
Exemption of 30 years Tax
Free to import machinery, spare parts, transport means, raw material, material for construction
Possibility in using the foreign well qualified man powers at the zone to the extent of 10 % of the unit staffs
Possibility in transit and re-export of goods without any limitation
Possibility of arrival of foreigners at the free zone without getting visa
Possibility in retail trade for foreign and domestic businessman
Lack of limitation in giving the land for large industrial projects
Exemption from the payment of custom duties for those goods produced at the zone and exported to the mainland in proportion of the added values and the exploited domestic materials
Release of the certificate of origin for those goods exported from the zone.



Chabahar Trade - Industrial Free Zone, Chabahar, Iran





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