Bushehr Special Economic Zone


The port of Bushehr is connected to neighboring cities via 4 important routes:

- Bushehr – Khormooj – Kangan – Lengeh – Bandar Abbas extended 920 Km in length.
- Bushehr – Borazjan – Shiraz extended 290 Km in length.
- Bushehr – Borazjan – Yasooj – Isfahan.
- Bushehr – Genaveh – Deylam – Mahshahr – Abadan extended 690 Km in length.

It is worth mentioning that Bushehr – Borazjan route is a highway .

The port of Bushehr is one of the most accessible ports of the country to airport with only 5 Km distance. The international airport of Bushehr is provided with domestic flights to Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashad, Kish, Kharg and international flights to Dubi and Jaddeh.

These factories, located near the port, are capable of repairing vessels of any kind up to 2500 tons onshore and building offshore constructs. Iran -Sadra Company has up to now built some huge oil platforms belonged to Southern Pars Area.

Specific facilities and alleviations of Bushehr Special Zone

* 20% discount on customs tariffs
* 75% discount on shipping exported goods, 50% for storage costs and 60% on THC for these goods
* 90% discount for freighters carrying capotage goods
* The nearest special economic zone to the Persian Gulf countries (Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia)
* Shipyards, Tran's coastal industries and regular ship lines for freighting, passenger and containers
* Providing 35 hectares of Negin Island (can be extended to 70 hectares) for investment or utilizing the advantages of the special zone and exclusive road access to the Persian Gulf highway (Bushehr- Barazjan)
* An international airport in the 5 Km of the special zone and goods transit through airport, road and water
* Various industries in the province including the immense South Pars Gas-Condensate field, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, fishery industries, nuclear reactor, date packaging industries, date farms, prawn farms, all them near Bushehr harbor special zone
* Fast access to consumption targets and markets of Fars and Isfahan provinces through road
* The harbor is near the city, providing easy access to urban facilities
* Exports and Imports Service Center in the harbor gathering all related exports and imports affairs in one place to further accelerate trade affairs (one windowed system)
* Suitable urban welfare facilities in the region, such as well equipped hotels and hospitals
* Bushehr Special Zone No. 2 is near this zone (about 20 km away) as a hinterland for unlimited storage of goods and containers.


* Loading and unloading, handling and storage of cargo in port areas.
* Issuing certificates for berth construction and other installations and equipment operation for accommodating ships.
* Receiving port dues and charges and port fees for cargo and vessels arriving the port.
* Providing the necessary infrastructure for rendering port services and port expansion plans.
* Rendering container operation services such as stripping, stuffing, and washing empty containers.
* Granting port lands to investors as a short term lease.
* Granting port lands to investors as a long term lease within B.O.T and B.O.OT contracts.
* Issuing the negotiable warehouse receipt for the goods imported to the zone.
* Issuing the certificate of origin for the goods exported from the zone.
* Providing services related to import of equipment, consumption products, and spare parts for port operations within the special economic zone and free zone without customs formalities.
* Having the legal advantages of Special Economic Zones.
* The nearest southern port to Persian Gulf states (Qatar, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia)
* Possibility of providing diversified services to vessels and availability of ship building industries in the region.
* Possibility of investment within 27 hectares of Negin Island.
* Proximity of a very large special Economic Zone of Bushehr industrial area.
* Easy & fast access to urban facilities.
* Having 20 percent discount in custom tariffs
* Having the major traffic of importing fruit products among all ports of Iran.
* Possibility of storage of goods at least 3 months which can be amended to longer periods based on manager recognition
* Possibility of transit and re-export of imported goods with less formalities
* Possibility of importing equipments and other facilities in SEZ for using within port area without any custom tariffs and
* Possibility of issuance of certificate of origin for imported goods and splitting store receipt.

Source: http://www.freezones.ir


8 Km Bushehr - Shiraz Road, Bushehr, Iran





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