Bandar Shahid Rajaee Special Economic Zone

Duties and Responsibilities:
1.Marketing and Attracting Investment;
2.Take necessary action to benefit investors, contractors and to take advantage of benefits of SEZ;
3.Issuing Certificate of Origin ( often abbreviated to CO or COO ) and negotiable warehouse receipt;
4.Issuing Goods Receipt Notes;
5.Issuing Certificates for equipments imported to the SEZ.


Investment Priorities and Opportunities

1.Establishing centers that provide value added services;
2.Development and expansion of re – exports;
3.Attracting and development of transshipment;
5.Establishing terminals dedicated to processing and exporting minerals;
6.Receiving and processing of wastes from the ships;
7.Construction of grain silos;
8.Construction of a complex for providing food, oil, and other supplies needed by ships;
9.Construction of a cold storage building and maintenance of refrigerated perishable goods;
10.Construction of terminals dedicated to exports, transit, and swap of oil – products;
11.Construction of logistic terminals dedicated to cargo and containers;
12.Construction of tanks dedicated to the edible oils and oil products;
13 Construction of an administrative – business center;
14.Construction of a service – welfare center;
15 Repair and cleaning of the containers;
16.Construction of an oil shunting yard and piping of Persian Gulf Port;
17. Construction of an oil berth with the capacity of 20000 tons.




Department Of Sez, Marketing and Investment, Services, Sector, Shahid Rajaee Port Complex, Bandar Abbas, Iran





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