Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd

Also known as: Yazd Fire Temple, Yazd Atash Kadeh, The Yazd Atash Behram

Eternal Flame

Yazd fire temple (also known as Atashkadeh) and its several hundred year old flames, seen as sacred fire by Zoroastrians , is a must see especially for those interested in ancient religions. It is one of the tourist attractions in desert city of Yazd.

Ancient Culture

Zoroastrian Fire Temple of Yazd houses Atash Bahram (Victorious fire). Atash Bahram involves the gathering of different types of fire from 16 different sources, believed to have been burning since 470 CE. It is seen as spiritual & cultural landmarks for one of Iran's oldest continued faiths. The sacred fire is burning inside a bronze vessel in the temple. The burning fire can be seen through a glass wall. By visiting the site, you can learn more about Zoroastrian culture.

Celestial Tranquility

The temple is hemmed in by pine and cypress trees. There is also a water pool in front of the Fire Temple, which creates a very beautiful reflection of the monument. You can walk around the garden outside the temple and enjoy the celestial silence in the desert oasis.

Icy Sweet Desert

If you are visiting the temple in the summer or spring, go to nearby ice-cream shops for a snack of 'Faloode' a traditional icy sweet desert, which is served with lemon or sour cherry juice.

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