Zamankhan Bridge

Also known as: Pol-e Zaman Khan

On the course of Zayandehroud, within Chahrmahal & Bakhtiari province, where the river is still roaring and alive, a bridge was built by a head of Azeri speaking nomads of Fars province during Safavid era (1501-1736), known as Zaman Khan ordered to build the bridge, which named Zamankhan bridge in honor of him.

Current bridge went under restoration twice, in 1788 and 1942. Two arches and 30 meters length, erected on three rock pillars, which are the probable factor for its strength and resistance. It is a pleasant experience, standing on a few centuries old bridge on a roaring river, enjoying fresh views of fruit orchards, while a soft breeze is touching your face. If you are visiting this area in summer, do not miss peach, the heavenly fruit of this area. Eat it heartily and let its taste fill your soul with joy.

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