Water and Fire Park

Also known as: Ab-o Atash Park

Park-e Ab-o Atash, which means Water and Fire Park in English, is one of the most unique parks in Tehran. Located near the flowing forests of the Abbas Abad hills, it attracts millions of visitors in search of recreation and excitement.



Water and fire, as among the elements of the nature in classical thought, have their names etched on the park. The alternative name is the Garden of Prophet Ibrahim or Abraham who, according to divine scriptures, was cast into the fire by Nimrod but the flames were turned into a garden on God’s order.

Combination of the Opposites

Water and fire has been designed so as to create a sense of harmony through the dance of lights to the serenading accompaniment of music. This is achieved through four fire towers which dot the park on four corners. They burn with a twirl, spitting jets of flame at intervals which excite visitors. The excitement rises to a fever pitch as invisible pores on the park’s surface squirt out columns of water.

Amphitheater, Horse Riding, Skating and Others

The park has an amphitheater equipped with a canopy which is provided by a 700-meter tarpaulin. A narrator uses painted canvases to relate the story of Prophet Abraham from a platform. The visitors are also offered free horse rides. The park also has a light house, a skating ground, a rappel course as well as alcoves, amusement rides, eateries and coffee shops.

Tabiat Bridge
It’s a three-story bridge for pedestrians, which links the Water and Fire Park with the Taleqani Park, providing a breathtaking view into Abbas Abad forests. It’s a perfect place to spend your time –especially at sunset.

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