Varzaneh Desert

Also known as: Khara Desert, Kavir-e Varzaneh

It is one of the most available deserts in Isfahan province and is located next to a city with the same name. Driving from Isfahan, you have a 100 km route to get to Varzaneh. After arrival, you will see sand dunes pleasantly warmed up with the sun. If the wind is blowing, the dunes might move and get different shapes like pyramid and crescent. Gavkhouni Wetland is the other attraction you can see after reaching to Varzaneh. 

The other interesting attraction is camel riding, There are some other attractions in Varzaneh city, like grand mosque of Varzane built on the ruins of a Sassanid (224-651 CE) fire temple. Varzaneh bridge, was built on Zayandehrood river during safavid dynasty (1501–1736) and the Abbasi caravansari built during Shah Abbas time (the most famous King of Safavid dynasty 1571-1629). 


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