Vakil Mosque

Also known as: Shiraz Vakil Mosque

The 18th century mosque is a must see in the center of the historic city of Shiraz. The mosque was originally built between 1751 and 1773 during the Zandieh dynasty. 


Huge Mosque

Vakil Mosque has been built in an 8,660 square meter area. As you pass through the impressive tiled portal from the nearby Vakil Bazaar, you will find yourself in a huge courtyard hemmed in by alcoves and porches bedecked with unique tile work. There are two iwans on the northern and southern ends. The entrance gates and the interior of the mosque are decorated with colorful tiles decorated with beautiful patterns. There is a small pool in the middle of the court.  


Unique Architecture

Inside the main prayer hall, there are 48 pillars carved in spirals. There is also a 14-step green marble Minbar (a short flight of steps used as a platform by a preacher in a mosque) and a magnificent Mihrab (a niche in the wall of a mosque that indicates the direction of Muslims holly city of Mecca) decorated with exquisite tilework. Thanks to its unique architecture, the mosque has a very good acoustic environment, obviating the need for loudspeakers during prayer times.  


Sunset Setting

At sunset, there is an awesome environment inside the mosque. The column-hall is lit beautifully and a celestial silence prevails the whole complex, adding to the mystery of the historical place of prayer.


Vakil Mosque Virtual Tour

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