Treasury of National Jewels

Also known as: National Jewelry Museum of Iran

Who can inquire the price of this unique jewels collection?

The idea of collecting this treasury dates back to Safavid time (1501-1736 A.D) but Treasury of National Jewels of Iran was inaugurated in 1960, inside the Central Bank of Iran.

Luminosity of pearls and stones enamor all visitors. The Jewel-Studded Globe, bejeweled Takht-e Naderi and Takht-e Tavoos, the thrones of Iranian kings, with their crowns, bejeweled by diamond, emerald and ruby are on display at museum. All these pieces and items are representing a glorious blend of art and power of Iranians.


The Rare Pink 

Colonialism, wars and invasions have separated Darya-ye Noor diamond and Kooh-e Noor diamond from each other.

The latter is placed on the Queen Mother’s Crown in Tower of London, and the first one is in here, Treasury of National Jewels.  They are separated by hands of destiny and missing each other very much!

Darya-ye Noor is weighing about185 carats and among the most famous Jewels of the world, due to its rare pink shade and its weight. Some expert believe that it is one thousand years old.

Jean Baptiste Tavernier, the famous French jeweler and globetrotter, have seen this piece in 1642 during his oriental trip and have named it "Grand Table Diamante"

Now, you can estimate the real value of this treasury. Add the economic value of each piece to the worth of the artworks of Iranian prominent craftsmen plus the antiquity and adventurous evidences and a long history.

Is it possible to find out how much it costs? 

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