Also known as: Torqabeh Countryside, Torghabeh City

Somewhere around Mashhad city, in the heart of mount Binaloud there is a valley which a city is formed there and named Torghabeh (meaning large village in ancient persian language). It is considered as a promenade since early Islamic era till now due to its pleasant weather.
Since the height is upper than Mashhad the average rainfall are pretty much more which makes Torghabeh cooler in summer so that you can enjoy fruit gardens and river. Kang village is a part of Torghabeh area and was built like a ladder, so that the roof of one house is the yard of the other, similar to Masouleh and Uramanat villages. You can find some native handicrafts like baskets and mats there, while the most popular dishes are Dizi, Chelo Kebab and Shishlik Kebab you'll enjoy them.
Today there are many recreational places and infrastructures you may enjoy them in addition to visiting Razavi Shrine in Mashhad.

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