Temple of Anahita

Also known as: Kangavar's Anahita temple

The Temple of Anahita is a Zoroastrian archaeological site located in a grassy hillside featuring ancient Persian architectural designs. The remains of the temple can be traced back to some 2300 years ago. The lofty stone columns reveal the majestic history of the temple once used by Zoroastrians as a fire temple. The site is believed to have been built by Achaemenian Emperor Ardeshir II (Artaxerxes II).


Designs and carvings of the columns seen in the ruins of the temple are similar to those found in Achaemenian-era structures including Persepolis and the palace of Darius in Susa. The temple is believed to have been built in honor of Anahita, the female guardian angel of waters worshiped by the Medes and Persians before they adopted Zoroastrianism. The huge stone cubes and massive columns, which have withstood the test of time, indicate the unique workmanship seen as a legacy of Persia’s magnificent history.

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