Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts

Also known as: TMoCA

A Real Gem!

Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts is seen as one of the most splendid Western modern visual art galleries outside Europe and the US. It boasts works created by prominent Western artists including Picasso, Matisse, Van Gogh, Miró, Dalí, Bacon, Pollock, Monet, Munch, Moore and Warhol. Also works created by Iranian artists have been put on display. The museum, indeed is where Eastern and Western visual Arts meet. Artistic events are occasionally held in the museum, opening up a great opportunity to learn about Iranian culture and art.


Concrete Building

Built back in 1977, the design of the building has been inspired by an amalgamation between traditional and modern Iranian architecture. The museum itself is an example of modern art, offering a welcoming ambiance for the visitors.


Sculpture Garden

Statues created by Iranian sculptors have been installed outside the museum. It is a matter of walk and watch in one of the most beautiful parks in Tehran. This is a great venue for both art lovers and leisure seekers.


Cozy Café

The ground-floor café in the museum is a good place to have some refreshment. The place is filled with lots of art fanatics eager to chat with foreign tourists about everything from arts to Persian culture and traditions.


The Museum Virtual Tour

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