Taq-e Bostan

Also known as: Taq Bostan, Tagh-e Bostan

Legacy of Sassanid Empire

In the heart of the Zagros Mountains lie a series of large ancient rock reliefs dating back to nearly 17 centuries ago. The well-preserved carvings have withstood the test of time in a mountainous area prone to strong winds and rain fall. Taq-e Bostan is seen as a marvelous setting and pleasant to any traveler as he or she is met with ancient art under a clear blue sky – a rare site to see.


Ancient Reliefs

The relief shows scenes of ancient royal life from the crowning ceremony of Sassanid Kings to their hunting ground as well as royal musicians playing the Chang while the king is hunting. There are also inscriptions on the rocks. There is also a large relief created at the order of a 19 century Qajar governor who apparently had a desire to have his name recorded in history, beside his ancient predecessors!


Mountain Spring

Even if you are not so fond of ancient Persian history, the site is still worth a visit.  The peaceful atmosphere of the mountainous area has been coupled with a beautiful lake fed by a mountain spring, making it an ideal place for lovers of nature. Hemmed in by a park-like setting of grass and trees, the complex is a perfect picnic place for Iranian families.


Delicious Food

There are lots of local restaurants not so far from the site. Don’t forget to ask for Dandeh Kabab, a delicious traditional food served only in Kermanshah city. The outdoor restaurants also offer tea and Hookah!

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