Tabiat Bridge

Also known as: Nature Bridge, Pol Tabiat, Pol-e-Tabiat

Tabiat Bridge (Tabiat means Nature in Farsi) is a three-story bridge for pedestrians, which links the Water and Fire Park with the Taleqani Park, providing a breathtaking view into Abbas Abad forests in the capital of Iran,Tehran. Built for a length of 300 meters, the unique structure stands on a series of balusters built in the form of trees and gets its name from its successful assimilation into the nature. When on the bridge you will notice stairs leading to the top, where you will find a platform allowing you to take fantastic pictures of the city, and to the bottom, where you are presented with restaurants and food courts that overlook the city merged with pleasant scenery of green hill tops. It’s a perfect place to spend your time –especially at sunset.


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