Tabatabaei House

Also known as: Tabatabai Historical House

Built in the 1880s, the Tabatabaei House will dazzle you with its architectural beauty, establishing itself as the most impressive, well-preserved traditional houses in Kashan.


Merchant’s Palace

"Khan-e Tabatabei” or “Khaneh Tabatabaei ha” as they call it in Iran, has a total area of 4730 sqm, with 40 rooms, and more than 200 doors; feel free to roam. It took Ustad Ali Maryam, a famous architect of the Qajar period in the 19th century, 10 years to build this masterpiece. The Palace was to house a well-respected carpet merchant Seyyed Ja'far Tabatabei.


Persian Art at its Best

The Palace is a thing of beauty, whether in the day or night. Apart from the size, the design - the added attention to detail on the walls with patterns and carvings, the magnificent mirror and colorful stained glass works and the beautiful pools and heavenly gardens - elaborate Iran’s architectural exquisiteness and tradition.


A House for all Seasons

This house includes the same characteristics seen in all traditional homes situated Iranian desert towns.  They are usually built around a central courtyard. In the winter, the family would gather in the south-facing side of the house which has larger windows to make the best of the winter light. Then in the summer, more activities would take place in the north-facing side where the windows are smaller and away from the sunlight. And with the help of special wind tunnels, you get a lifetime of free air-conditioning!

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