Suspension Bridge of Meshkinshahr

Also known as: suspension bridge of Meshginshahr, suspension bridge of Mishgin or Meshkin

This suspension pedestrian bridge covers a length of 365 meters, is 2 meters in width and 80 meters above the Khiyo Chaei River in Meshkinshahr, Ardabil Province. Its design, construction and execution for which around 12 million US dollars has been spent, is entirely done by Iranian engineers. 
Suspension Bridge of Meshkinshahr in itself is a part of a major tourism project. Unveiling of this bridge took place in a spring festival on May 16th 2015. 
The Khiyo resort which has been promised to be immediately built around the bridge covers an area equal to 1300 hectares and is the most major tourism project in Ardabil province. Among amenities the resort will offer are: guest entertainment salons, residential suites, air balloon and other air sports sites, rotating restaurant, handicrafts market, amusement park, and other services and attractions, in addition to offering a magnificent view to the Mount Sabalan from an altitude of 80 meters, which is an exceptional attraction for mountaineers, since in addition to a very beautiful lake at the summit, the Mount Sabalan being a dormant volcano.


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