Also known as: Sobatan Village

The Trail

The climb is about 21 kilometers, but you would need to reach Hashtpar City first and I recommend doing so with a four-wheel-drive vehicle. And once you found the trail you can begin your journey on foot. Visitors who enjoy a bit of exercise and walking among untouched green, mountainous nature would certainly not be disappointed heading to Soubatan. The trail begins from Soubatan and ends in Lisar village.


How hard is this walk?

For any normal pedestrian this hiking environment is considered moderately difficult. Instead of it being just a walk in the park, it would take you 10 to 12 hours to complete this journey. Weather conditions are normally bearable, but it could be quite hot in the middle of summer. All of it is done on foot beginning from the shores of the Caspian Sea and then ending up in a thick forest. An alternative climb is possible on an old road, but that may spoil all the fun. Visitors will be gaining a new experience in a remote area far away from modern life; it’s the perfect place to go camping.   


What to take with you

Apart from a professional guide being there at the scene, essential equipment include a GPS device or a compass, food, water, waterproof clothes, a tent, waterproof shoes and a headlamp.              



A small number of wild animals like bears, wolves and leopards may be residing in the Soubatan jungle, but no human attack has been reported. Hot seasons may include a few mosquitoes at night. It’s fun of course, but be prepared for anything.

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