Also known as: Silvana District, Salvanagh, Selvānaq


The name of the area is believed to have derived from the Latin word Silva which means forest. Silvaneh is located in a mountainous region in northwestern Iran, near the border with Turkey.


Untapped Nature

The wild nature of this part of Iran is one of a kind. The untapped mountainous area includes several mineral springs and lakes as well as hot springs.


Off the beaten track!

Silvaneh is located in a remote area, in the middle of mountains. This has kept its unique nature untouched! The area is replete with picturesque sceneries and views, making it a perfect place for camping and hiking.


Best time to visit

Given its freezing temperatures in winter and fall, the best time to visit Silvaneh is in spring and summer when the snow atop the mountains melts down, springs bubble out of the rocks and waterfall cascade down the mountains. Standing by one of these waterfalls and splashing around in the cool water can refresh your soul!


A Breath of Fresh Air!

The crystal clear sky and fresh air, coupled with high green mountains surrounding a tranquil environment have all added to the beauty of the area which overwhelms visitors at first glance. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Don’t miss the villages in the area; spending some hours with hospitable villagers is a lifetime experience. There are handicrafts made by the locals as well as pure honey produced in the area!

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