Si-o-se Pol

Also known as: Si-o-seh pol, Siosepol bridge, Siosepol

Si-o-se Pol (Bridge of 33 Arches) was built more than four hundred years ago during the Safavid dynasty. The historical bridge is the longest structure built over the Zayandehrood River. The 298 meter long bridge consists of two rows of 33 arches from either side which explains why the bridge has been named Si-o-se Pol or '33 Bridges'. On the top, the bridge is sandwiched by high walls to cushion storms and winds. You will be amazed to see what people could make back then with just stones and bricks.


Glory of Isfahan

Si-o-se Pol is not just an ordinary bridge; the 16th century structure is one of the main features of the beautiful city of Isfahan. Its unique architecture is a legacy of Safavid dynasty.


Serene Environment

Stroll along the bridge and enjoy the mood of life and vitality along with the serenity environment. The bridge appears absolutely stunning 24/7. But at night, when the bridge is lit up, you are treated to something much more magical. It’s hard to put in words, so see for yourselves; and when you do, you may find some people singing under the bridge due to the very good acoustic environment. So don’t be shy if you wish to sing a song or even sing along, plus the people of Isfahan are well-known for their hospitality. Don’t forget to ask for the nearby traditional tea-houses which offer tea and off course traditional Hookah!

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