Shurmast Lake

Also known as: Shoormast Lake, Shur Mast Lake

Shurmast, one of the most picturesque lakes in Mazandaran Province, is on Tehran-Firuzkuh highway. Located south of Mazandaran, with 15 km2 area and 5 m depth, Shurmast Lake is about 6 km from Pol Sefid Twonship in Savadkuh County. 
Although Shurmast is a small lake, its serenity and silence absorb nature lovers. Frogs, fish, grasshoppers and water snakes are among the animals and insects living in the lake. The lake is surrounded with trees and mountains.


Activities you can do in Shurmast Lake

Surrounded with trees, hiking in the forest is one of the activities you can enjoy here. Fishing and camping near the lake and biking in the jungle are other activities that attract people in spring and summer. But, swimming is forbidden in the lake. 
The lake’s beauty attracts many photographers throughout the year. Traditional Persian restaurants, gazebos for rent, and pedal boats are other facilities to use in Shurmast Lake. There are also horses to ride. 
Located amid mountains, the weather is good in spring and summer. Although the lake is very beautiful in winter, it is not suitable for overnight stays. In winter, you can stay in Savadkuh and rent a house. 
From Tehran, you can have a one day trip to the lake. Its close distance to the main road, make it possible to spend some hours here at the lake and visit even other attractions around. If you are driving your own car, you should pay a small toll to enter the site.


Shurmast Lake is in Pol Sefid Twonship, Savadkuh County, Mazandaran Province, north of Iran. Starting your trip from Tehran, take Tehran-Firuzkuh road northeast Tehran. After 200 km, you will reach Pol Sefid. Then, you have 6 more kilometers to the west to get to Shurmast Lake and a village of the same name. Throughout your way to the lake, you can enjoy the winding mountainous road and alder jungles.

Attractions near Shurmast Lake

Although Mazandaran is a province full of natural attractions, we here just mention some of highlights close to Shurmast Lake: 
•    Veresk Bridge and Waterfall
•    Lajim Historical Tower
•    Kanglo Castle
•    Hajji Kola
•    Arfa Deh Forest
•    Sangedeh Forest
•    Shurab Waterfall
•    Kija Karchal Cave
•    Espahbod Khorshid Cave 


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