Shemshak Ski Resort

Also known as: Shemshak Ski Complex

What Shemshak has to offer!
The ski resort is the second largest ski area in Iran and located just about a 55 minute drive from Tehran. Shemshak ski resort has everything your standard ski resort must have: ski lifts, chairlifts, lighting facilities for night skiing etc. The resort usually attracts more advanced skiers since the slopes of Shemshak are quite steep demanding professionals to put themselves to the test. On the whole, Shemshak is best for mogul skiing. But the resort also welcomes beginners who want learn and enjoy what it has to offer. Don’t worry about food and accommodation either; the resort has two hotels and 4 restaurants which cater round the clock to both athletes and lovers of nature.


Tourists visit Shemshak for both sports and ecotourism. The place promises a clean and secure location, perfect weather for skiing and a breathtaking landscape. Therefore, it goes without saying that the area is ideal in terms of weather. Basically it’s up to you; you can choose to sit back and relax while watching the splendid scenery or put your skiing gear and join in. Enjoy yourself!  It is a must-see destination for ski enthusiasts visiting Tehran during winter.

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