Sheitan Kooh

Also known as: Satan's Hill

Sheitan Kooh (lit. Devil Mountain) is set on eastern parts of Lahijan, a major city in Gilan Province Know as the bride of Gilan. Lahijan is about 350 km northwest of Tehran, Iran capital city. 
Sheitan Kooh is located along Alborz Mountains with a view over the city. While in the city, Sheitan Kooh easily catches your eye. It has become a major recreation venue for locals and tourists. Baam-e Sabz or Green Roof, the fall, the cable car, and the artificial Lake invites you to Sheitan Kooh. 

But first, what is it about the name?!

Sheitan Kooh means Devil’s or Satan’s Mountain, but apparently it has nothing to do with Devil. It is said that the name of the mountain was originally “Shah Neshin” meaning where the king sits or the seat of power, but actually it means the main living room in a traditional Iranian house. And it seems that the spelling have changed during the time. 


What to expect in Sheitan Kooh?

Sheitan Kooh is 60 meters high covered with Buxus trees. In front of it, there is a lake that was for irritation purposes at first but nowadays it is just a tourism attraction with recreation facilities. There are also lots of coffee shops and restaurants.
Back to the mountain, there is a waterfall creating a nice scenery for photography and also a pleasing sound of water falling from a height of 24 meters. The Waterfall is man-made feeding from the aforementioned lake.
To climb Sheitan Kooh, you should either take the 750 stairs or simply take a car from the back road. The hilltop is called “Baam-e Sabz” meaning Green Roof. From there you can behold the whole Lahijan. At nights the city lights add to the beauty. Just a few steps away there are lots of local gazebos where you can smoke hookah and get something to eat.


Go higher and further with Cable Car!

Things won’t finish here! To see the city from higher altitudes, you can try Sheitan Kooh cable car. The distance is about 1500 meters and it takes 20 minutes to reach the highest destination. On the top, you can buy handicrafts and order hot and cold drink in the cafés. The cable car ticket price for one person is 300,000 Rials (as of April 2017, 1 euro = 41,000 Rials).


Where else to go?

If you have got extra time, there are other places to visit in Lahijan. The Tomb of Sheikh Zahed (a well-known 13 century Sufi) is just 2 km away. The mausoleum itself is a highlight of Lahijan. Sustan Lagoon with its vegetation and scenic view is another choice. 

So, if you happen to visit Gilan Province or you wish to experience Iran’s beautiful nature alongside its fantastic cultural and historical heritage, do not miss out on Lahijan and its Sheitan Kooh.  

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