Sheikh Safi Al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble

Also known as: Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh, Shaykh Safi al-Din Ardabili Shrine

The shrine of Sheikh Safi al-din Ardabili (1252–1334), is described as one of the most dazzling legacies of the Safavid dynasty. The Safavid kings spared no effort in decorating the structure of the shrine of their ancestor, which is now a World Heritage Site, but it still looks glorious.


Sufi Mysticism
The Iranian traditional architecture has been used to manifest Sufi concepts. Sheikh Safi al-Din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble includes seven segments emulating the seven stages of Sufi mysticism, and separated by eight gates mirroring the eight attitudes of Sufism. Sheikh Safi al-din is buried in the Allah-Allah tower. The tower received its name from the geometrical motif in blue-glazed brick that symbolize the endlessly repeated name of Allah (God).  The complex also includes Ghandil Khaneh (lantern house) and Chini Khaneh (china room) which should not be missed.


Walk and Watch!
Richly ornamented facades and interiors, splendid little courtyard of turquoise tiling, as well as gold and indigo decorations are very striking and it is a matter of walk and watch.  Stroll through the serene mausoleum, enjoy rare ensemble of elements of medieval Islamic architecture and find yourself lost in history. There is also a remarkable collection of antique artifacts put on public display at the museum near the shrine. Don’t miss the attractive walled garden just outside, a peaceful refuge for having a cup of tea!

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