Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque

Also known as: Sheykh Lotfollah Mosque, Sheikh Lutf Allah Mosque

A Mosque with no Minarets!

This 17th century mosque is one of the several must-sees in the historic Naqsh-e-Jahan Square. The first thing that is noticeable about the 17th century building is that unlike other mosques, it has no minarets. The reason is that Sheikh Lutfollah Mosque was indeed built as a place of prayer for the royal family and was closed to the public at the time.


Just Watch!

Walk through the gateway of the mosque and just stop at the door step and look up at the ceiling. You will be nothing but mesmerized as you set your gaze upon the inside structure of the mosque; it is believed to be one of the most beautiful domes in the world! A short glance will fall short of appreciating a masterpiece which took 18 years to complete. One could spend days just sitting in a quiet corner and admire its beauty.


Unique Tile-Work

The walls on all corners are bedecked with exquisite and intricate tile-work, boasting the grandeur of unique Persian Islamic art. Intricate mosaics and multiple colors used inside have given an absolutely stunning look to the mosque.


Play of Sun Rays

There are several small windows through which sun rays penetrate inside the building, creating a fabulous play of lights and shadows which add to the overwhelming beauty of the mosque. It’s a great place for pictures and selfies.


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