Shahzadeh Garden

Also known as: Shazdeh Garden, Prince's Garden of Mahan

This magnificent oasis is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located 6km away from Mahan city in Kerman province. Shahzadeh Garden (Prince’s Garden) is one of the existing Persian gardens which mesmerize the mind and enthralls the sight. The royal gardens, emulating paradise on earth, are rooted in Iran’s long history, and influenced the designs of palaces in Greece, Rome, India and beyond.



The enclosure of 5.5 hectares has been built by a 19th century Iranian prince in a desert area in Kerman. It was later expanded by a local governor who died before the construction was complete. The garden follows the familiar ancient design. It is enclosed by a large wall, lined with trees and traversed by a water stream from top to bottom. There is an entrance structure at the lower part which stands face to face with a two-story building at the end of the garden. Lines of lofty trees dot the distance on both sides, with the space between dedicated to a splendid spectacle of water cascades. The water flows according to the decline of the land before gathering in a pool and drifting back to the top.



Groves of pines, cedars, elms, buttonwood and fruit trees stand on guard, each in separate terraced plots. On the remote landscape lie the Joupar mountains, providing the vital resources of water which flows to the garden through the qanat.


Moment of Bliss

The garden provides an incredible instance of retreat which is impossible to appreciate without visiting it. The peaceful ambience created by the serenading swish of water graces the mind and body and enchants the senses with unique intensity which is a once in a lifetime experience. 


The origin of the English word for Paradise


Did you know that the origin of the English word "Paradise" is from an old Persian word pairidaēza which literally means "a wall enclosing a garden or orchard"?


Shahzadeh Garden Virtual Tour

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