Shahrestanak Village

To the north of Mount Tochal, there is a village representing a potpourri of Iran’s beautiful nature and contemporary history, called Shahrestanak. Known for its colorful portrait of seasons, the Shahrestanak Village used to be a summer house for Nassereddin Shah of Qajar (king of Persia, 1831-1896).

In spite of its pleasant climate in spring and summer, the village mesmerizes its visitors with its colorful portrait of the fall. The country is also known for its springs and rivers, on the bank of which there are trees like walnut, cherry and sour cherry. Green and fruitful trees, birds chirping high among trees and the comforting sound of rivers flowing resembles the tranquility of a paradise.  

Shahrestank Village is also located amid the ancient Naseri road, which used to be the main transportation corridor during Qajar Dynasty (1785-1925) between Tehran and northern Iran. The road, nowadays, is used for countryside hiking and mountain climbing.   

Besides its natural beauties, there are also some historical attractions as follows:


Naseri (Sharestanak) Palace

Nesseridin Shah of Qajar commanded the construction of the palace in 1878 as his summer residence. Being registered as a national heritage, the palace, nowadays, is almost deserted. The palace is open for visitors on Fridays.


Qajari Tablet

At the east side of Naseri Castle, there is a 4-meter high rock with an inscription on it. As the locals put it, the inscription is a recollection of a rockslide incidence during Nassereddin Shah of Qajar summer visit to the country.


Dozdband Castle

Placed on the peak of tallest mount of Shahrestank Village, Dozdband Castle used to be a watchtower and a communication means between guardians, sending their signals by fire and oil lamps. Some believe the castle dates back to Sassanid Empire (224 to 651 AD) and some others, based on the recovered potteries, believe it was founded during Islamic era.


How to get there

In order to get there, you can drive. Luckily, the main access road is Tehran-Chaloos route, known as one of the most beautiful roads in the world.  Driving 99 kilometers north, past Asara Village, you get to the road sign of Shahrestank on the right. From the road sign, there is 10-kilometer more drive meandering through Alborz Mountains to get to the village.

As shahraestank is located north of Mount Tochal, hikers and mountain climbers can also get to Sharestank from Tochal peak. 

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