Shah Nematollah Vali Mausoleum

Also known as: Aramgah-e Shah Nimatullah Wali, Astane-ye Shah Nematollah Vali, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine

Iran was the land of philosophy, sufism, mysticism and poetry. There were many mystics whether Iranian or not learning about mysticism. Here is the tomb of the mystic, Shah Nematollah Vali, lived at 14th century started a new path so that influenced the followers of other paths!

At first this complex was just a solo mansion holding a high dome in a vast garden, time passing has made it to current complex including three courtyards with their own pools and trees while the first yard is more attractive. The building located in Mahan city in Kerman, is about 32000 square meters. It is the masterpiece of architecture due to combination of a glory mansion and pleasing garden in a mysticism way, so that you may perceive the mysticism feelings of Shah Nematollah and his followers!

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