Shah-e Cheragh

Also known as: Shah Cheragh, Aramgah-e Shah-e Cheragh, Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum

The glittering shrine houses the tomb of Ahmad ibn Mousa and Mohammad ibn Mousa, the brothers of the 8th Imam of Shia Muslims, Imam Reza. Shah-e Cheragh is seen as one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Iran. The mausoleum was first built in the 12th century, but much of the present monument was erected during the Qajar dynasty (18th century).


Dazzling Minarets
The mausoleum includes a huge courtyard, a perfect place for sitting and enjoying the calm and peaceful environment. It is must-see especially at night, when the lofty blue-tiled dome and the dazzling minarets are lit up. There are two holy shrines inside bedecked with gorgeous mirror work and vaulted ceiling featuring Iranian-Islamic architecture. Inside the shrines, you can see a very impressive gathering of pilgrims saying prayers, creating a spiritual ambiance.


Shrine Museum
There is also a museum just outside the shrine, in the northwestern corner of the courtyard. There are many shrine-related objects including highly prized Qurans as well as ancient coins and other things from the Sassanid (224 AD to 651 AD) and Arsacid (224 AD to 247 AD) eras.

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