Shadegan Lagoon

Also known as: Shadegan Wetland, Shadegan Lake

It is one of the lagoons in south of Iran and is an ecological system with both salty and sweet water. The whole area consists of 400 thousands hectare which Jarahi River is the main supplier of the lagoon in Khuzestan province. Shadegan lagoon is inscripted as one of the most important international lagoons in Iran. This lagoon is important for its large area, the diversity of habitats, nature and its role in ethnic’s livelihood. The endemic people usually cultivate the dates and other products, and also do animal husbandry. 
There are about 110 types of herbs, 152 types of birds and 40 types of mammals in Shadegan lagoon. In sweet waters there is a suitable situation for diversity of herbs which made a pleasant habitat for migratory birds and animals, while there is no vegetation in salty part.

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