Sarvelat and Javaher Dasht Protected Area

Spanning an area of 21254 hectares, Sarvelat and Javaher Dasht Protected Area is located east of Gilan Province, and immediately next to Mazandaran Province. Its altitude ranges from 500 meters to 2500 meters. There are, also, rivers flowing within the protected area. 
Located within Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests ecosystem, this protected area consists of sylvan parts in lower altitudes and montane grassland in upper heights; its geography varies from coastal plain in lower part to mountainous grassland in upper part. 
Having a mild, humid climate, the protected area’s beauty attracts every passer-by; meandering through the wooded hills of the reserve gives you a view over congested forestation, farms and flatlands.  

Javaher Dasht Village

There is also a village called Javaher Dasht Village. Height altitude (2000 meters), pristine nature, vast plains, and fresh air are among the features of this village. While the village is inhabited in spring and summer, due to harsh weather conditions and heavy snowfall, from the middle of fall on, it becomes un-inhabited.

The only access road to the village is through the jungle which adds to the beauty of the region as en route the village, you would also come across horse packs, livestock and sheep flocks. You can also buy local diaries and herbs from villagers. During spring and summer, there are local festivals as well, like Gilaki Wrestling matches, tug of war, horse riding, to name a few.     


Sarvelat and Javaher Dasht Protected Area botanical species mostly includes hardwood (broadleaf trees). Sylvan species of the reserve include hornbeam, maple, alder, wild persimmons, medlar, oak, beech, and hawthorn. Grassland vegetation of the reserve include viola, spurge, primrose, raspberry and elderberry.


Sarvelat and Javaher Dasht Protected Area is so rich in terms of animal species; there are red deer, roe deer, wild goats, leopard, bear, jackal, hog, jungle cat and pheasant, to name a few. 

How to Get There

Mesmerizing road of Tehran-Chalus used to get to the reserve is as attractive as the reserve itself. Passing by city of Chalus, you need to drive west, toward Ramsar and then Chaboksar. 15 kilometers to Rudsar city, you get to Siahkalrud region; from there you have to take a 20-kilometer off-road to reach the protected area. 
There are also some flights from Tehran to Ramsar and from there you can use local transportation to get to Javaher Dasht and Sarvelat Protected Area.

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