Sarein Mineral Springs

Also known as: Sareyn Thermal Springs, Ab-e Garm-e Sareyn, Sar Ein Mineral Springs

If you want to try Spa and Wellness in Iran, Sarein city is the most famous region for this purpose! There are a variety of mineral springs which most of them are a little acidic. When you enter the water you may smell something strange at first. That is because of minerals, so don’t worry, relax and enjoy the warm water.

While you are relaxing in warm waters of different spa complexes be aware they are therapeutic, depending to the salts, they might cure diseases like orthopedic, neural, rheumatism, eye diseases, etc.

Another interesting thing you may enjoy there, is Dough Ash (a kind of watery soup made by noddle, peas, beans and vegetables). Sarein city located in Ardabil province, has cool summers and cold winters, which you may enjoy it in both seasons. The Spa complexes are preaperd in seperate parts for women and men who can enjoy the pure waters of Sarein. 

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