Saint Stepanos Armenian Monastery

Also known as: Sant Estepanus Church, Sant Stephanos Monastery

Fortified Church

The Saint Stepanos Armenian Monastery has been built in a deep valley and has been called by a historian as a fortified structure. The exterior, dome, columns and bell tower of the church are adorned with white stones. The cladding of the church is embellished with pictures of the stoning of Saint Stepanos and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his rise.


Commemorating a Martyr

Christian annals tell us that Saint Stepanos was stoned to death by his enemies in Jerusalem [al-Quds] in 36 A.D. and the Saint Stepanos Monastery was named after him to commemorate the apostle.


Ancient Architecture

The architecture and adornments of the interior of the Saint Stepanos Monastery are among the masterpieces of the 8th and 9th centuries A.D. The church is of high historical and archeological significance. In 2005, archeologists discovered the remains of some apostles and saints in the site of the church.


Gorgeous Scenery

The Saint Stepanos Monastery has been built along the bank of Aras River. The tall trees and the great weather have added to the attraction of the church as a tourist resort. You are highly recommended to visit the site in summer to enjoy the intact nature of the area while taking a long journey to centuries ago when the monument was first built. The monastery was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2007.

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