Saadabad Palace

Also known as: Sa'dabad Complex, Saadabad Palace Museums

History and Location

Saadabad Palace is tucked away at the foothills of Alborz ranges among a sprawling parkland in northern Tehran. It is expanded over 110 hectares of land, where 18 palaces stand in majesty and grandeur. The compound was founded by the Qajar monarchs in the 19th century for their summer sojourns and enlarged by the Pahlavi family. After the Islamic Revolution, Iran turned parts of the palace into museums.


Treasures on Display

There are 10 museums open to the public, each representing a particular field in art, culture and anthropology. They include Iranian and non-Iranian paintings, miniatures, calligraphy masterpieces and weapons from the time of the Achaemenid Persian Empire up to now. The works represent diverse civilizations and the lives of Iranians, Africans, Indians, Eskimos, Mayas and people in the Far East.


Architecture Design

Each mansion is a magnificent architectural masterpiece built by the best artisans of the time. The buildings are a celebration of what was possible with the best modern materials available in Iran and abroad. Decorative stones were mined and shipped from around Iran, giving a different hue to each façade after which the museums were named -- hence, Green Palace, Black Palace, etc.  


What Else

Intricately-designed Persian carpets, figurines, chinaware, European-made furniture and radiant chandeliers are some of the items on display. Forests of aged cypresses and aspens, fountains, orchards, greenhouses and a great collection of cars beckon to every visitor with an appreciation of sublime works.

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